Five Band DXCC

Sheila, K4WNW, presents the 5 band DXCC award to Roy, WK4Y.

Roy Davis brings home 5 band DXCC
DDXG member Roy Davis (WK4Y) earned five band DXCC. Roy WK4Y achieves 5-band DXCC. Licensed since 1957, DDXG member Roy Davis did not start chasing DX until the 1980s. He recently uploaded his contacts to Logbook of the World and has become the club’s first member to accomplish 5-band DXCC.  Here, Roy is congratulated by president Sheila Blackley K4WNW.

DDXG Wins Local Club Category

RTTY Round Up 2009
Participants int the 2009 RTTY Round Up

Members of DDXG put in a great effort in the January 2009 ARRL RTTY Roundup contest and it showed. The club took first place in the local club category with a score of 358,192 points. Club President Sheila Blackley said, “Congratulations to DDXG for its first ever first place win in a contest and congratulations to all participants of the 2009 ARRL RTTY Roundup. Several participants were first time RTTY contesters. There was much planning and hard work that went into making this effort a success. I am proud of everyone that participated”.

Here’s a link to the club scores on the ARRL web site (It’s member’s only).