DX Ladder

This is a friendly competition among club members to see who works the most new band countries per year.  The latest standings are in the spreadsheet below.

Excel version – DDXG DXCC LADDER for 201506

Welcome to the Dominion DX Group DX Ladder Competition


  • Open to members of the DDXG only.
  • Participation is voluntary.
  • The DDXG LADDER program runs each year Jan 1 – Dec 31  Final results will be announced in January of the following year.
  • Confirmations are not required.  Just count “newly worked” countries per band for the current year.
    ARRL deleted DXCC countries do NOT count.
  • Submissions are based on the honor system.
  • Anyone who has not previously submitted their prior year total is not eligible for the award.
  • Therefore, In order to be eligible for next year’s award you must submit this year.
  • Totals will be automatically carried over from year to year.
  • Members are encouraged to submit their new “worked” band totals every quarter or as convenient.